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Success Stories

Al Rabbah Dairy Production Project

In 2002, the Quality of Life project established a Dairy Production Project in Al Rabbah village, Karak. NHFs direct efforts included renovating and supplying the community with necessary equipment and tools, including a refrigerated van for dairy distribution. Most importantly, the foundation extended training to 16 members of community – 14 women on production skills and 2 on accounting, administration, and marketing linkages. Also, the workshop has provided income to 15 beneficiaries, in addition to benefiting approximately 100 families who raise livestock and sell milk to the production center.

In 2003, the income generation project was turned over to a cooperative. The active and well-trained members of the cooperative diversified the production of liquid Jameed and milk in various forms (skimmed, low-fat, and full-fat), in addition to producing other dairy products, such as butter, ghee, lebaneh, and yogurt. The Cartier Fashion Jewelrycooperative maintains a strong marketing distribution network that delivers its products all over Karak, Aqaba, and Amman at large department stores, with each product carrying the registered label “Moody”.

Malka Soap Factory

In 2002, NHFs Quality of Life Project implemented the Malka Soap Factory Project in northern Jordan. The project ensures the economic value of the cultivation and utilization of olive and medicinal herbal plants in the production of natural soap. The factory has created job opportunities for women, increasing family income and ensuring that women’s participation is integrated and enhanced in rural development.

By 2003, the Soap Factory was equipped with all the necessary machinery operation, and 15 women were trained on soap production. NHF has initially marketed the project’s soap production. The project was turned into the Aswar Al-Urdan Cooperative, and the first batch of natural environmental friendly soap bars was produced and sold in the summer 2003.

Kanza Garment Production Project

The Kanza Garment Production project in Ruseifa was established in 1993, in cooperation with the Spanish NGO CEAR, as an industrial sewing workshop providing training on manufacturing a line of children’s and women’s attire, linens, industrial uniforms, and workers’ clothing. In 1996, the production lines were diversified to meet the needs of the market, where the Project began to acquire tenders to produce knitted garments in mass quantities. In 1999, the Project won a tender to produce 2000 knitted sweaters for the nurses at the Royal Medical Services.

In 1999, after reaching financial and managerial self-sufficiency, the Kanza Project was turned into theLuxury Watches Online Ruseifa Development and Production Cooperative, where each woman has an equal share in the cooperative. Through the support of NHFs Cooperatives and Tendering Unit, the Cooperative was able to generate an income of JD 11,000 (US15,550) in its first year of independence covering all its expenses and making a small profit.

Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative

The Iraq Al Amir Women Cooperative Society started off ten years ago as one of NHFs development project in the Wadi Seer area in Jordan. The project employed 41 women in the production of hand-made paper, hand-woven fabric, ceramics/clay, and food processing, generating a profit of JD 4,000.

In 2001, after NHF enhanced the capacity of the Cooperative by extending focused training on finance and administration, quality control, product design, and marketing and donor linkages, after which the Foundation handed over the Handicrafts Village to the local community cooperative.

Equipped with the ability to tackle the market, members of the Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative engaged in marketing and promoting their products to potential buyers. Due to the efforts of these NHF trained women,the Cooperative received two orders from Royal Jordanian in the total amount of JD26,000, and a one year order from the Inter-Continental Hotel, as well as several other considerable bids.

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