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Capacity Building and Business Development Services Unit

NHF’s Capacity Building and Business Services Development (CBBDS) Unit originated as a body within the Quality of Life Project and later emerged as a separate entity to accommodate the specialized training needs of local communities.

CBBDS provides entrepreneurs with comprehensive business development services including management, vocational and technical training, feasibility studies, and product development. It works to increase the business capacities of trainees, and also to impart to them connectivity, marketing and networking skills, and links to the private sector and funding institutions. This comprehensive package encourages new enterprises, sustains established ones, and enables local communities to participate both socially and economically in national growth. The CBBDS Unit has a proven track record of success with its trainees in underprivileged communities.

The Unit also provides institutional capacity building and social training to local community-based organizations (CBOs). In cooperation with organizations such as UNICEF and USAID, these training programs are executed across Jordan to raise awareness of issues such as gender, empowerment of women and youth, and governance.
These efforts encourage community participation, particularly among women, in the development process.For example, the Capacity Building of Local Female Councilors project, launched in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, raised the awareness of local female councilors about municipalities' law, basic management practices and the importance of transparency. Local community members were encouraged to participate more fully community projects.
The CBBDS Unit also launched a project, in cooperation with MASAQ, in four grassroots communities in Jordan to enhance knowledge of the country's judicial system. Male and female villagers of all ages participated in the project, whose aim was to help them understand their rights and to raise awareness of the values of women’s participation in the legal system.

Start & Improve Your Business

NHF is an accredited partner of the International Labor Organization's Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) program, which has been adapted to meet the needs of Jordanian entrepreneurs. It comprises a number of seamless, progressive training modules that introduce the basic principles of sound business management in a simple, interactive, practical way, to help small businesses grow and survive. To date, the SIYB Program has produced more than 30 manuals and workbooks in the Arabic language on Starting and Improving Your Business.

Village Business Incubator

The Village Business Incubator (VBI) is an important CBBDS program, which promotes the role of rural women in economic development by encouraging them to establish micro- and small- enterprises that reach far beyond traditional home or gender-based models.

The VBI was initially launched in the Bani Kinaneh district in Northern Jordan, and now serves more than 20 villages and clusters across Jordan.

VBI services include specialized technical training and assistance with marketing and links to funding institutions. In the last training cycle, the VBI program trained 90 women, of whom 30 went on to establish successful businesses, creating 42 jobs in Northern Jordan. Businesses established include vehicle import/export, farming franchising, a gym center, and a children’s nursery.

Currently, the VBI model is being replicated in Al Lathikkiya, Syria, in collaboration with AIDOS, and is due to be launched in other parts of the region later this year.

The VBI is launching an additional training service to provide graduates and young job seekers with career-relevant skills to meet market demands. Training includes CV writing, interview techniques, and improving communication and conversation skills. The VBI also creates links between beneficiaries and recruitment offices and the private sector, to improve their job prospects.

In response to growing needs of the community, the VBI began extending its services to men in 2007. An additional business incubator will be launched in Aqaba later this year.

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