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Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areas

Despite impressive economic reforms, steady growth and a decline in national poverty rates, Jordan still faces challenges in creating economic opportunities equitably for all. Twenty six poverty pockets have been identified across the country, where poverty rates sometimes reach as high as 73%.

NHF believes that the agents of change can only be the members of a community themselves.replica watchesEmpowered communities can help create employment, contribute to the economy, and ultimately improve standards of living.

In 2005 theMinistry of Planning and International Cooperationselected NHF to partner in the implementation of a national poverty alleviation program. Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areas(previously the Poverty Pockets program)was designed to help alleviate poverty by creating job opportunities, building capacities, increasing accessibility to microfinance and improving infrastructure.

Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areasfocuses on breaking the cycle of dependency and activating an entrepreneurial spirit at the individual and community levels through tailored micro-credit and large-scale income-generation projects (IGPs). NHF works with the community to form representative development councils in each community. These councils work to establish small- to medium-sized income generating projects (IGPs) based on solid business principles, feasibility studies and business plans. IGPs are coached through a business apprenticeship program to ensure a firm foundation for future success. Additionally, the program offers intensive business development training to encourage local community members' productivity.

NHF began by serving 10 communities located in Queira in the governorate of Aqaba and Al Azraq in the governorate of Zarqa. These 10 communities represent a total population of 19,000 Jordanians.

In 2007, NHF was selected again to extend the Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areasprogram to some of the country’s poorest areas: Jeizah and Al Muwaqar in the governorate of Amman, and northern Shoneh and Al Mazar in the governorate of Irbid.

In tandem, an Entrepreneurship Matching Award for the best business proposals submitted by Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areasmicro-credit applicants and NHF’sCapacity Building and Business Development Services Unitgraduates will soon be offered to further drive the entrepreneurial spirit.

Local Development Program foromega replica watchesLess Privileged Areas is establishing “lifeline” linkages between the local communities and the private sector, as well as other national poverty alleviation and advocacy programs. Major partners, such asINJAZandSave the Childrenare providing training to young people.

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