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People living with poverty have the talent and determination to take control of their lives. What they often lack is support and expert guidance. Qudorat is a national program, launched in 2004, designed to develop the capabilities of local community-based organizations (CBOs) across Jordan to lead socio-economic development initiatives.

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Qudorat is funded by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation's Enhanced Productivity Program. NHF was selected as one of two consortiums to implement the program in six governorates in Jordan: Irbid, Mafraq, Balqa, Zarqa, Tafileh and Aqaba.

In 2007, Qudorat entered into its second phase, and is working with a total of 68 CBOs in Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq, Madaba, Karak and Tafila over a period of 24 months. Out of the 68 CBOs, 46 have been selected to receive training and financial assistance to establish sustainable income generating projects (IGPs).

Community led development in Jordan is vibrant and challenging. Qudorat focuses on enhancing the abilities of CBOs to effectively engage with their community. Qudorat assists CBOs to design and manage IGPs. Through technical assistance and training, Qudorat helps communities to improve living standards and expand their participation in national development.

CBO Partners
A selected group of 68 CBOs participate in the program presently. The aim is to equip them with the tools and practical assistance to take a new look at old ways of doing business, redefine their relationships with existing and potential partners, chart a course to reform their organizations from within, and reach their objectives.

CBOs gain technical, financial, procurement and managerial capacities, as well as the ability to understand their obligations and define their rights within their constitutions and communities. They are also equipped with the skills to mobilize funds, expertise and resources from the local community, the private sector, governmental agencies, NGOs and donors to support these projects.

Income Generating Projects
The IGPs of selected CBOs receive financial assistance and operational assistance. Seed money, ranging from $25,000 to $92,000, is provided in a competitive and transparent process, encouraging shared experience with other CBOs.

A portion of the profits generated by IGPs is used to directly support disadvantaged community members through distribution of food, clothing and school supplies, as well as nominal cash assistance. To this end, CBOs transition from being recipients of philanthropy to becoming philanthropists themselves.

Results to Date
The first phase of Qudorat was highly successful. The response to the call for participation in the program exceeded expectations by over 130%. Over a two year period, the program assisted 49 CBOs. 31 IGPs were established in the six targeted governorates in Jordan, eight of which are run and staffed entirely by women. These IGPs have created more than 1,070 permanent and short-term jobs for community members, generating a steady income for families in local communities. In most cases, jobs were awarded to the neediest among those who qualify for the positions. IGPs cover a variety of agricultural, industrial, and service sectors.
The second phase of Qudorat will see the establishment of 35 new IGPs by August 2008.
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