NHF Outreach
Credit Unit

In 1988, QOL introduced the concept of rural lending based on the Al Murabaha Islamic lending method. In each of the 21 villages served by QOL, a Revolving Loan Fund was established to create job opportunities and invigorate entrepreneurship. These Revolving Loan Funds are managed by a trained local loan committee at each village with supervision from QOL's Credit Unit. Nineteen years later, the Revolving Loan Fund continues to benefit 25 village clusters across Jordan.

To date, JD1,800,000 in loans have reached 2,800 beneficiaries.In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) rated the Credit Unit as excellent in terms of community participation and management. QOL was also recognized for increasing beneficiaries' monthly family income from JD80 to JD150. The loan recipients have established income-generating enterprises across a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, handicrafts and services.

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