NHF Outreach
Income Generation

Income generation is fundamental to socio-economic empowerment in the communities served, and therefore income generation is at the core of QOL. To date, income generation projects have directly benefited 5,779 participants.

One of the most pioneering income generation projects aimed at empowering women has been the Jordan Design and Trade Center (JDTC). In 1990, several income-generating handicraft centers were established by JDTC across Jordan, giving rural women in remote areas a rare opportunity to become income earners and decision-makers within their family and their community.

In 1999, QOL project established the Cooperatives Unit to assist enterprises that NHF had initiated to become sustainable and independent. The Cooperatives Unit provides training on management structures, financial practices, production and marketing to ensure that income-generating projects evolve into successful enterprises, fully administered by the communities themselves. Although most of the cooperatives operate independently, NHF continues to support them by creating links to the private sector and donor agencies.

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