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Corporate Sponsorship

Become a corporate partner with NHF and you can be confident that your company's support will make a real difference to some of Jordan's poorest individuals and communities.

Corporate sponsorship can be a fundamental part of a corporate social responsibility program. We ensure that our sponsors receive positive mediaswiss replica watchesattention and project a desirable image to socially conscious customers and investors.

NHF offers many different opportunities for corporate sponsorship. Our representatives will work with you to identify the area of NHF activities that best complements the interests and priorities of your organization. In the past, corporate sponsors have supported development programs, elements of ongoing projects, or entire events.
Sponsorship Advantages


·Enhanced company image:Becoming our corporate partner means enhancing your profile through association with an established and trusted organization.


·Demonstrate corporate social responsibility:Many companies now have a corporate social responsibility policy. A partnership with KHF/NHF is a practical and highly visible way to advertise and enact this policy.


·Improve customer loyalty:Customers are becoming increasingly discerning, andpanerai replica watchesthey choose to support businesses that display compassionate and ethical business practices. A partnership with NHF can reinforce customer loyalty.


·Employee satisfaction:Socially conscious companies have more loyal employees, andfundraising for a worthy cause is a great opportunity for team building, raising morale and strengthening relationships in the workplace.


·Publicity:Sponsorship or fundraising for KHF/NHF can generate press coverage both nationally and regionally, and in consumer and trade press.


·Support from us:We can offer reports and updates from our projects, as well as arrange project visits.


·Your partnershipwill afford us vital resources.


·Your staffcontributions will play a vital role in supporting our work inJordan and the region.


·Your actionswill help to publicize our work and generate future support.


If your company is interested in becoming a corporate partner, email khf-nhf@khf.org.jo or call:
+962 6 560 7460
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